Announcer Guy

The voice of radio since 1960

Where to begin ...

Every story starts somewhere.  In my case, I was enchanted with radio from an early age.  I remember listening to music stations from New Orleans, and news stations from Chicago.  I dabbled with short wave radio and marvelled at the way signals could travel through the air so far, and so clearly.

As a child, I developed an all-consuming fascination with radio announcers.  While attending primary school, rather than get a paper route, I spent my early mornings dispatching taxi cabs for a local taxi company for the princely sum of $0.35 per hour!  There was no turning back now.

In high school, teachers praised my effortless ability to learn languages.  I became an ace student, studying French, Latin, German and Spanish.  Although I never finished University, I did stay long enough to study Russian.  My sights were already set on bigger things...

At age 18, I started my career as a broadcaster at privately owned radio station CJCS in Stratford, Ontario.  Over the course of four years, I progressed to stations in North Bay, Kitchener, Niagara Falls, Montreal and Ottawa before landing my first CBC temporary assignments in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

With no full-time positions available at CBC, I eventually returned to private radio, but within two years, I finally got my "big break", successfully auditioning in Montreal for a position that would land me in St. John's, Nfld.

In St. John's, I created and hosted a locally-produced classical music program that was broadcast throughout Newfoundland.  Finding material to broadcast was a challenge, as the library of material at the station consisted of badly scratched vinyl records.  Undaunted, I raided the local record shops and managed to procure enough material to keep the show on the air for two years!

As pleased as I was with my work, my ambitions eventually brought me to a major radio market at CBC Windsor.

Did you know ...

Announcing involves more than just reading from a script.  It requires an intimate knowledge of the client's purpose.  Is the message meant to elicit a specific response?  Or perhaps to entice the listener to purchase a particular product or service?  Depending on the desired effect, pitch, intonation, and even timing are all important.

When you have an important message to deliver, let an experienced announcer be your voice.


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