Announcer Guy

The voice of radio since 1960

Windsor in the 1960's and 1970's was practically the centre of the AM popular music universe.  With its proximity to Detroit's Motown and Hit-City and the growing legend of their on-air and programming personalities, the local pop 40 station was basking in success and world wide recognition.

Against that backdrop, I joined the staff of the refined and proper CBC Radio Windsor affiliate.  CBC Radio has always been the guardian of music culture in Canada; and broadcaster of meaningful, national news stories.

Working at CBC Radio meant being adept at handling roles ranging from spinning records to interviewing artists and celebrities; reading news stories to supplying voices for commercial messages; handling on-site broadcasts of breaking news stories to being the on-air personality for morning and afternoon drive shows.

My time as staff announcer at CBC Windsor was by far the longest of my career, spanning a period of over 25 years.  But even after my retirement in 1996, there was more to be accomplished.

Did you know ...

Announcing involves more than just reading from a script.  It requires an intimate knowledge of the client's purpose.  Is the message meant to elicit a specific response?  Or perhaps to entice the listener to purchase a particular product or service?  Depending on the desired effect, pitch, intonation, and even timing are all important.

When you have an important message to deliver, let an experienced announcer be your voice.


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