Announcer Guy

The voice of radio since 1960

Announcing is my calling and my passion.  But when the economy is on the skids, companies have a tendency to cut back on costs -- and advertising seems to be one of the first line items to be dropped from the budget.

There are very few sectors of the economy that don't seem to be that affected by recession, and personal entertainment is one of them.  Whether there is something worth celebrating, or something we'd like to forget, some people prefer liquid comfort.

I believe that those who consume alcohol should do so legally and responsibly.  To help ensure that underaged and over-indulgent consumers don't create a nuisance for others or become a danger to themselves, I began offering a home-delivery service for alcohol shoppers.

If you're of legal drinking age and can assure me that you haven't already reached your limit, I offer an affordable, reliable way to obtain the alcoholic beverages you want - delivered right to your door.

Did you know ...

Announcing involves more than just reading from a script.  It requires an intimate knowledge of the client's purpose.  Is the message meant to elicit a specific response?  Or perhaps to entice the listener to purchase a particular product or service?  Depending on the desired effect, pitch, intonation, and even timing are all important.

When you have an important message to deliver, let an experienced announcer be your voice.


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